Student Financial Guidance Program Details : 


Do You Know :

  • What investment will generate 150% return per year risk free ?
  • A $10 savings per week will generate over $152,000 in 40 years... What about $20, $30.......
  • a life time earnings of an average person could be over $7 million.....


How does the Program Work ?

  1. Students register with Australian Money Masters (AMM) as prospective clients. Registration  is free of charge and can be done on-line through this website.
  2. After registration, AMM will start sending selective financial services industry news to students through e-mail unless the student indicates on the application that he/she does not want to receive these updates.
  3. Educatuon is a continued process. Students, after registration, who want to raise questions in relation to financial services can  do so by directing  questions via  "Student Query"   to AMM. AMM will endevour to reply to students in a timely fashion by e-mail. Common questions and replies will  be populated onto  "Q & A " page.  
  4. Students who are already  working full-time or part-time and have their existing superannaution account(s) may switch their existing superannuation accounts to the superannuation funds recommended by AMM. Benefits of doing so is to allow AMM to start offering you financial advice. This advice may include investment, salary sacrifice, superannaution strategies, risk management  etc. If you have more than one superannaution account, it is recommended to consolidate these accounts into one single account.
  5. Students who will soon join the workforce are recommended to keep AMM informed of their work status from time to time. Ideally, AMM recommends a student to open a superannaution account at  the recommended superannuation fund before he/she starts on the first day of employment.  The superannuation account information can then be passed to their new employers for regular employer contributions.
  6. Most of the retail superannuation funds require a minimum of $1,000 as initial investment. Unless your annual assessable income plus fringe benefits exceeds $58,000 per annum, you may be entitled to the government's co-contribution of up to a maximum of $1,500 per year. Money contributed toward the superannaution account is generally preserved until you reach the preservation age i.e. 55-60  depending on your date of birth.
  7. Once you open an account at the recommended superannation/investment fund, you become a client of AMM.
  8. AMM does not charge any upfront contribution fee for new account. In order to cover the administrative cost, the only charge from AMM is a $165 (inclusive of GST) once-off administration fee.
  9. Once you become our client, we would highly recommend you to pursue a regular investments/savings plan in order to achieve your short, medium and long term financial goals.   
  10. Apart from the continued general advicing service described above, permanenet client of AMM under this program will receive a life-time discount of up to 30% on all other services listed on "Our   Fee ".








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